Photographer crashes car into Linsey Lohan

June 1, 2005 at 2:45 pm in Uncategorized

I usually try to avoid the entertainment news around these parts but this is just too good to skip. In fact, I’m just going to point you directly to the LAPD press release:

An entertainment photographer, Galo Cesar Ramirez, 24 years, was arrested last night, May 31, 2005, after he crashed his brown 2005 Mercury Monterey minivan into a black Mercedes SL65 coupe, driven by 18-year-old actress Lindsey Lohan, in the 8200 block of West 3rd Street.

Just before 6 PM, Lohan was driving east on 3rd Street, from the city of Beverly Hills. Ramirez was following her, trying to get a picture. Lohan made a U-turn, just inside the city limits of Los Angeles, near Sweetzer Street. Actions by Ramirez in the minivan resulted in the minivan striking Lohan’s driver’s door.

Los Angeles police officers investigating the collision determined the circumstances warranted Ramirez’ arrest for assault with a deadly weapon, the weapon being the minivan. Evidence showed Ramirez’ actions were intentional, rather than accidental, making the incident criminal.

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