What Goes Down …

This weekend is the Great Arcata to Ferndale Kinetic Scuplture Race. For those of you not familiar with this challenge – people build and power vehicles of all shapes and sizes that can travel on roads, sand dunes and across the bay in a madcap three day race. We have no such nuttiness here in Los Angeles.

But there’s an attempt to cultivate more of these neighborhood events and even a new effort to get the Silverlake Downhill Derby going. Honestly, how can you live in a neighborhood with one of the steepest streets in the city and not want to roll down it freestyle? Now set for Saturday, June 18th at 10 AM, there’s still time to build and enter. The race is set to start at the corner of Landa and Redcliff.

I seriously think that blogging.la needs its own entry. And that it should be shaped like a robot.

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