Welcome to the Jungle

I just caught our 11th stray cat. Not the mangy orange and white one that I really want to catch. The trapping permit runs out Tuesday, so I doubt we’re going to get him. On my way to the shelter, I passed a car fully engulfed in flames on the shoulder of the 101. And when I say fully engulfed, I mean fully engulfed. Human Torch-style. No uneflamed car parts to be seen. Which is eerie because I saw the exact same thing happening on the news earlier on the 118. Then on the way home, I drove through an intersection full of cops where a passenger car had just rammed a bus. I don’t know how you manage to not see a bus, but they managed it. I also passed the burned out skeleton of the flaming car, extinguished by a newly arrived fire engine.

Anyway, maybe the MTA mugging story is stirring up some old anxieties or all the drugs I did back in the 80’s are finally bearing down, but the mojo feels a little strange out there tonight. Just wanted to tell you all to have a safe holiday weekend.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Jungle”

  1. why are you catching the kitties? just wondering…what type of shelter to you bring them too and what happens to them? I have never heard of a trapping license.


  2. Oh yeah, the cops are really out in force this weekend. I drove through West Hollywood and neighboring communities last night, and I saw a big gathering of law enforcement at the Bank of America on Sunset east of Fairfax, and it was probably regarding the sobriety checkpoint that (I think) nabbed Oliver Stone west of Crescent Heights (there are reports that he was nabbed at a checkpoint on Sunset and I do remember seeing police activity and lots of onlookers in that area). It’s definitely not the time to be speeding either.

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