This Land is Your Land…And so is the Beach!

Yeah! Yesterday was the dedication of the new coastal access to the beach in front of David Geffenís house in Malibu. He fought 22 long years to keep people off the beach, which is owned by everyone, but in the end, he dropped his opposition and this area is finally open.

Coastal access areas are the walkways which dot the California coastline and allow ordinary folk who donít own beachfront property entry ways to the beachfront. If you frequent Malibu and like the un-crowded conditions of the few (and often times very hidden) public access beach fronts, you know it can get highly charged between the beach front home-owners and people who visit the beach for a day in the surf. There have been times that home-owners called the police to keep people from spreading their towels, signs torn down that show where access areas are and even chained locks illegally put on the gates to keep us local Joes out. If you want a great map that shows where the coastal access areas are check out this coastal access guide that gives detailed maps and info. They have a very detailed down-load for the Broad Beach area at Pt. Dume, as well as other good beach spots.

5 thoughts on “This Land is Your Land…And so is the Beach!”

  1. Oh, I love going to Broad Beach and avoiding the crowd. But there’s this one asshole security guard from one of the private clubs there that always tries to act like you’re not allowed to be there. I hate that guy. Luckily for us, we know the lowdown. But I feel bad for the people he hoodwinks who turnaround and leave.

  2. What a great demonstration of the power of blogs:
    Anyone who reads this will know how to learn which beaches are publicly accessible.
    Anyone wishing to pursue a similar fight now has resources to learn battle techniques from the 22-year war with Mr. Geffen.
    This is beauty in democracy. Thank you.

  3. Yeah…you have to hang tough with those security guys…but that’s one of the reasons I wrote this….people need to know that they have a right to be on the beach too! And yes, Brett….it IS the beauty of democracy….even though every day there seems to be less and less of it.

  4. There’s a free acces map for Broad beach download and beaches in Orange county on the coastal access guide…you could probably do a google search for specific Malibu ones.

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