abLA Round-Up for May 27


ï It’s official, my landlords really hate me.

ï Valerie reviews Mel Kadel drawings in her exhibition The Park at Jeff Electric Gallery.

ï Machine Project has a secret gallery. Shhhhh…don’t tell anyone about the coolest thing ever.

ï Art criticism is dying (wah wah wah). Don’t tell that to the folks at the National Critics Conference this week in Los Angeles.

ï My report on the fabulous 26th Annual LACE Benefit Auction (complete with pictures). I’m telling you, it was a blast. Make a note to yourself to go next time – great art at amazing prices.

ï The UCLA Hammer Museum proves once again that it’s the best museum in town by providing FREE admission to all exhibitions and programs this summer.

ï Doug Harvey said “poo.”

ï LA Times reports on Getty curator Marion True’s indictment. Apparently she was big on ethics. Hmmm.

ï MoMA becomes a sexy beast as it acquires the Judith Rothschild Foundation collection of drawings that includes Zak Smith’s portrait of a Suicide Girl and Tom of Finland (well, you do the math on why his stuff is sexy).

ï de Soto (art gallery) has its inaugural exhibition tomorrow night with Kelly Reemsten’s mid-century modern loving exhibition Good Living. (see image) I think de Soto is a solid addition to the downtown art scene. Other receptions listed include galleries 4F, lizabeth oliveria, the Brewery Project, and a one-night event at Gallery 825.

Have a good weekend!