Write on, girl!

reading_img1.gifIn case it isn’t obvious already, I’m a sucker for the help-others-help-themselves type of organization.

At this month’s Women’s Night Out, a very nice, smart and funny lady named Keren Taylor got up and extolled the virtues of WriteGirl, a local mentoring group that matches working female writers with teenaged female counterparts to get them fired up about writing (and through it, we hope, life in general).

The time commitment for mentoring is not inconsiderable√≥one meeting per week, one-on-one, and one monthly meeting with a group√≥but there are also all kinds of other ways you can help out, and I’m sure if you’re interested, they’ll do their best to use your skills in a way that will keep you engaged since, if Taylor is any indication, the WriteGirl chicks are pretty cool bunch.

Bonus b.la extra: Joz’s friend, Jeopardy champion Diane Siegel, serves on the advisory board. So maybe being involved with WriteGirl makes you nicer AND smarter!

One thought on “Write on, girl!”

  1. Colleen, I’m not sure about your “nicer and smarter” theory, but I just started volunteering with WriteGirl recently, and it seems like they totally rock. I’m looking forward to the end-of-year gala on June 26th, where a bunch of the girls will be reading their work.

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