What the?


This photo was taken from the parking lot at Cafe Stella, facing North. Atop one of the hills of Silverlake, someone appears to be signaling the mothership or something. Has anyone heard the telltale five tones?

8 Replies to “What the?”

  1. The last few nights that hilltop has been pretty brightly illuminated รณ but never with that kind of tractor beam. My guess is a location shoot perhaps.

  2. They are filming that reality show about finding a new INXS singer up at the top of Michelterina right now, I’m sure that’s what this is.

  3. The top of Micheltorena is Paramour Studios, which is a recording studio in a gorgeous mansion – they host a lot of weddings and shoots and such, besides being a really nice studio. So the INXS thing makes sense.

  4. Yes, Sean is right – a friend of ours called today and said that they are working on the INXS show at the Paramour Studios right now. I was going to blog about but JAY BEAT ME TO IT. Thanks a lot dude – :P

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