8 thoughts on “What the?”

  1. The last few nights that hilltop has been pretty brightly illuminated รณ but never with that kind of tractor beam. My guess is a location shoot perhaps.

  2. They are filming that reality show about finding a new INXS singer up at the top of Michelterina right now, I’m sure that’s what this is.

  3. The top of Micheltorena is Paramour Studios, which is a recording studio in a gorgeous mansion – they host a lot of weddings and shoots and such, besides being a really nice studio. So the INXS thing makes sense.

  4. Yes, Sean is right – a friend of ours called today and said that they are working on the INXS show at the Paramour Studios right now. I was going to blog about but JAY BEAT ME TO IT. Thanks a lot dude – :P

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