Mr. Garcetti! Tear Down This Outdated Blog Banner!

L.A. City Councilman Eric Garcetti is a busy, busy man ó seriously. He definitely has more pressing things to think about than stuff like his blog’s banner graphic, which is still urging his consituency to “re-elect” him:


Being one of those proud and staunch constituents, I did exactly as he had requested, but ya know… that vote was way the hell back in March (and did I mention Garcetti was running unopposed?). So when the councilman began posting to his blog again after last week’s mayoral election, he made mention of being officially sworn in to another term and I chimed in with a good natured comment inquirying if the time might finally be right to retire the “re-elect” from the top of his page. True to form, good-humored Garcetti commented back that just such a change was in the works and thanks for all the fish!

But four days later, nothing. Now, before any of you get all huffy and post comments that I absolutely have no right to be concerned with such insignifica and that I definitely shouldn’t expect such a minor fix in such a short time, go re-read my first sentence: I know Garcetti’s a busy dude, especially during this mayoral transition and all. So in the interest of pitching in and serving my favorite public servant, I decided to click-and-save the over-aged section of the banner in question (below, on the left), throw it into Photoshop and with the help of my mad erase skills serve up ó tada! ó a freshly updated version (on the right) that all he (or his webguy) has to do is click and save, then drop into the images folder on the blog’s server. Should only take a second. Or so.


Happy to be of assistance Councilman.

11 thoughts on “Mr. Garcetti! Tear Down This Outdated Blog Banner!”

  1. But now it just says, “eric garcetti to the los angeles city council”… Maybe you should erase that ending as well, or come up with a new slogan. Or perhaps just enjoy the weather, which is fine as wine.

  2. Agh! it would help if I proofed my work. Just like it would be nice to have a life. Nice catch Stu… Nice. Deflating. Catch. Now, where’d I put that eraser ó ah yes, there it is. Fixed!

  3. You rock, Will. I sent my webmaster another note and it will be updated in the next couple of days. We’ve been focusing on the page/blog of late, but we need to get this updated, too.

  4. I wrestled with whether I should respond, as it seems egocentric to do so, but then I thought, hey, I feel like defending myself this morning. So to all of you who thought I was mean to Will, allow me to say this: ’twas not my intent. I’m a *huge* fan of, Will, and Eric. Please accept that my original comment was made out of love. And a need to fix things. Hey Will, sorry for being deflating. Just trying to watch your back.

  5. Stu, absolutely no harm done and I greatly appreciate you pointing out the oversight and your support of I fully got the intent of your original comment. My response about it being deflating was a poorly translated attempt at self deprecation. Next time I’ll just type “Doh!”

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