LosCon vs. BayCon! Represent!

I’m in San Jose right now for work and as I was coming back to the hotel today I saw some folks from BayCon bringing some arcade games and stuff in. I went up to the concierge floor, because I’m fancy like that, and several of the organizers and staff were there talking about the con. It’s a sci-fi convention run by local fans every year over Memorial Day weekend. The schedule is here.

The reason I’m mentioning this is because we have our own Los Angeles-based con run by local fans every year called LosCon. It’s happening this November at the LAX Marriott. I think the L.A. sci-fi fan con should try and outdo the Bay Area fan con this year! We can do it! We have the technology (and their agenda)! I mean, the L.A. con already has an operetta. Can those BayCon people beat a freakin’ operetta? I didn’t think so!

I’ll continue my extremely subtle reconnaissance until my departure tomorrow. L.A. sci-fi fans, I have your backs!

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