Invasion Los Angeles


This ceramic mosaic that has been permanently affixed to the “D” on the Hollywood sign since December 31, 1999. In fact there are 6 other invaders on the Hollywood sign and more than 100 around Los Angeles. A brand new book documenting this invasion of Los Angeles has just been released and since this news is spreading fast around the blogosphere I should go ahead and announce it here as well. On June 11th, we’ll be opening RUBIKCUBISM – a logical exhibition (which will be the first major North American showing from French artist Invader) at sixspace.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this show.

I’ve been a bit obsessed since I learned about Invader sometime in 2000, and when I moved to LA from Chicago in 2001 and found out there were actual invader pieces in town I started searching for them right away. It’s beyond cool that 4 years later the gallery I co-own will be full of them. In addition to the “alias” series, one of a kind, resin encased exact replicas of the invaders on the streets (including this one from the “D”), we’ll be showing a brand new collection of sculptures made out of Rubik Cubes, as well as computer animations and a large scale installation. We’ll be posting more info and images soon and this event might be something you want to mark on your calendar now. You won’t want to miss it.

The opening reception is Saturday, June 11 from 7-10pm at sixspace, 549 west 23rd street in downtown. [map] There will be a book signing immediately prior to the opening.

Here’s a flickr group with photos people have taken of invaders all over the world.

2 thoughts on “Invasion Los Angeles”

  1. I love invdr! I just spotted a new one (exit the 10 freeway West at La Brea, look for the wall on your right when you get down to La Brea, it’s in the upper left corner.

    I definitely plan to be at the opening, this is the event of the year (for me)!

  2. Aw man. I went to Westwood for lunch today and passed one on my way back. I also pass one daily when I turn from Sunset Blvd on to the UCLA campus. I never take pics. Now I feel excluded from the flickr group.

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