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OK, so everyone knows that the Nazis were the extreme right, and the Communists the extreme left. So, why is it perfectly acceptable for republicans (right wing) in the US to call democrats (left wing) communists but if a democrat refers to a republican as a nazi all hell breaks loose?

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  1. Seems rather unfair. Lenin slaughtered millions, Hitler slaughtered millions so it figures both would be equally bad.

    I think the difference is there was no influx of Russian survivors to the US and Europe after Lenin started killing everyone. They just died, I still couldn’t tell you how evil the “COMMIES” really were. But, I bet Russians would have some horror stories to tell.

    After WW2 there was a huge influx of Jews that survived and they brought stories of how awful the Nazi’s were.

    Also, the Russians were our enemies after WW2 and for an additional 50 years. They became evil based on our stand-offs not for the atrocities they committed. We think of “COMMIES” as oppressers of freedom not slaughterers of people.

    We don’t equate “COMMIE” with evil slaughter only people who want to raise taxes.


  2. I just thought of something.

    “PINKO COMMIE” Where the hell did that come from?

    Is that a “Gay” thing put-down? Or is it a lighter shade of “COMMIE” red and they don’t want to raise taxes as high as a true “RED COMMIE”

    Is “PINKO COMMIE” also OK?

  3. You know what bugs me? When right wingers start calling liberals/progressives (whatever) nazis. That happened on my campus and more than one person spoke about how incredibly inappropriate that was.

  4. I think that communism is the only way to live in our time. Marx elaborated the communist ideology to its extreme. He said that its class struggles that cause problems, such as the capitalists(highest, ruling class) exploiting the working class man.

    Communism is basically a free social classless society without such problems.

    Now Lenin did not directly follow what Marx wrote thus meaning he wasnt a true marxist, and he also got usurped. Most of the killing was Stalin, a fascist dicator and usurper of Lenin.

    Among other things, people do not know much about the communist ideology.

    Nazis were quite different. Their thoughts were more towards one man ruling the country and having strict social classes never interact with eachother. They also hated the Jewish race (for some odd reason they thought it was a race).

    I would rather stick to a communist marxist goverment than to a fascist, even if it were any good, government. So i shall leave you to choose your side. Unless ur truly a democrat.

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