Playa Vista Dog Park Party


This past Saturday the Bonner family was invited by the “father” of Lebowski’s littermate Buster to attend a dog party at the private Playa Vista Dog Park. As I am now officially over the Silver Lake Dog Park (could someone please inform the city that that is the worst small dog park I have ever seen?) and had been to Playa Vista last year for Buster’s birthday party, I was thrilled to break beyond the art talk that clutters my life and just relax with pooches.

Playa Vista is one of those nice quasi-gated communities where they have “movie nights” and everyone seems to know everyone else. It’s nice enough for people but ultra posh for pooches. The dog park area, which is now for dogs of all sizes but next month will have a separate area for the small guys, is almost the size of a city block with grass, benches, and a clean water fountain area. It’s safe and fun for the dogs – they aren’t all bunched up on each other. My boys ran, played, jumped, and pooped. In other words, they had a blast and slept afterwards for hours! As an additional bonus, there were complimentary lattes and bagels for the people standing on two legs (not that the four-legged ones didn’t try).

Although I’m unable to go to the Playa Vista “Bark Park” every day, I love it on the times when I can. Fortunately I have just discovered that there is a brand new dog park with plans to open in Culver City this fall. Since we’re moving the gallery there, this will be perfect for us. Quint and Lebowski are ready…to…play!

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  1. I just drove thru recently and I have to admit they’ve done a pretty good job. But it’s important to remember that Playa Vista is built on a methane gas field and an American Indian burial ground. Apparently channel 4 is having a special about it tomorrow evening.

    The following is lifted from the Venice Tribe on

    “AT LAST!


    What we expect to be a hard hitting, in-depth TV expose of the

    Playa Vista methane gas cover-up.

    At the time of this mailing the report is scheduled to air on:



    MAY 25TH

    Watch it. Call your friends to watch it. Tape it. Show it to your

    Then phone your councilperson and state representative and ask them:

    Where do you stand on this?


    Please Forward To Everyone You Know.

    Ballona Wetlands Land Trust

    Working to facilitate the public acquisition, preservation, and
    restoration of the entire Ballona Wetlands Ecosystem

    Box 5623, Playa del Rey, CA 90296

    (310) 264-9468 phone / (310) 264-9412 facsimile”

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