Shake Ur Chakras

I’m soooo happy. Finally there’s supercool yoga in Hollywood! I’ve been practicing yoga now for about 15 years and have always had to plan a major trek when I take classes cuz most teachers I loved were at least 25 minutes away. Well, all that has changed now that Golden Bridge Yoga has moved to DeLongpre in Hollywood. I’ve been taking classes on and off with Gurmukh, who is an amazing teacher, for at least ten years. Her following has grown from classes of 20 in the living room of her house to a studio on Third to this new gigantic place that was formerly an equipment warehouse on DeLongpre between Vine and Cahuenga.

There’s a jillion classes to choose from: Kundalini, Anasura, Healing Seminars, Dance workshops….I even braved my belly and took a belly dancing class last week….and got my ‘shake your booy vibe’ down! Very fun to wave your hips around with abandon.
There’s a cool store too and a cafe opening soon. I love this refurbished, open space and highly recommend class there. I always come away with more than just a work-out…it’s an amazing transformation of your soul too. You can park in the Arclight parking structure for a dollar, with a validation…so that’s easy too.