abLA Round-Up for May 21


ï LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) was where it was at this week! We went to the VIP Pre-reception party last Friday to scope out the works; and I even blogged my first video. Then on Wednesday I went to the Kris Kuramitsu gallery talk, complete with pictures. Their live-auction benefit show is tomorrow night. If you’re feeling generous, I’d really like the Brian Wills painting.

ï Blake Gopnik calls my man Ed Ruscha a “senior” in his mention of Ruscha’s drawing show at the National Gallery. WTF? Proper smackdown insued.

ï It’s official, art is dispensable. Via Make, I discover the Art*o*Mat where you can get original pieces or art out of an old cigarette machine. It’s a pretty interesting melding of art and consumerism – and an attempt to target art to the masses. There’s one at the MOCA store in Santa Monica if you’re curious.

ï Museum archives are endlessly fascinating and never fully on display. Edward Goldman’s piece last Tuesday on KCRW praised the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History’s exhibition UCLA Collects! Bodies of Knowledge and I compare on abLA this to the Natural History Museum’s Conversations exhibition. It’s an interesting institutional critique of museum collections.

ï If you think you have what it takes to be discovered as a comic book artist, Friday was your chance to be reviewed at Meltdown Comics.

ï Breaking discovery – Los Angeles produces artwork of merit but perhaps it has to travel to NY to prove it.

ï Run can run for ten years but you can’t hide – Marion True (Getty antiquities curator and director of the Getty Villa) has been indicted in Rome on “criminal charges involving the acquisition of precious antiquities in this archeologically rich country, authorities in Rome said,” reports the LA Times. Whoops.

ï Artist books are the BEST and this convention proves it!

ï Receptions for Saturday May 21st range from Chinatown hipster galleries like Peres Projects and Jack Hanley to the faux-scene photos of Gregory Crewdson at Gagosian to the abstract painting of Leo Saul Burk at cherrydelosreyes.

Image: Untitled, 2004 by Gregory Crewdson.

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  1. Greg Crewdson is a hosebag and it’s unfortunate that famous people like his work [because he casts them in it!], because otherwise, hopefully only his ivy-students would have to suffer through his pomp.

    Gary Simmons had an amazing opening at Margo Leavin this weekend… I had a highlander moment of seeing Alicia Witt at Margo Leavin only 30 minutes before seeing Lauren Ambrose at Gagosian… wierdo?!

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