Nature for those of us who are stuck inside

lariver051905.jpgWhile doing some research for work earlier tonight, I came across this KCET page with a bunch of short videos about the Southern California environment. I just watched one about plans to revitalize the L.A. River. The only section of the river I’ve ever seen in person (right) is ugly and cement, so it was neat to see footage from prettier places, and hear people talk about the river’s future. A quote from L.A. City Councilmember Ed Reyes:

We encased it in cement. We killed it. Now it’s
fighting for its own life. You can see here now the trees, the
shrubbery, the flora and fauna bursting through the cement. You
see ducks, you see egrets, you see natural wildlife. We’re not
going to beat nature. Nature is going to beat us.

3 thoughts on “Nature for those of us who are stuck inside”

  1. I think this is the same thing that aired on Life & Times — I guess they make some (all?) of the segments available online.

  2. If you’re interested in details of the plans for revitalizing the river, check out the LA County Department of Public Works’ LA River Master Plan pages. The Summer 2004 Newsletter lists all the projects planned, under construction, and completed as of that time.

    If you want to get involved, you might want to check out Friends of the Los Angeles River.

    If you’re interested in the river’s history and its possible future, Blake Gumprecht’s book, The Los Angeles River: Its Life, Death, and Possible Rebirth is an excellent resource.

    Few of today’s LA residents remember the Great Flood of 1938 – 108,000 acres inundated, 87 people killed, and $78 million in property damage.

    Not to mention the floods of 1815, 1825, 1832, 1859, 1862, 1868, 1876, 1884, 1886, 1889, 1914, and 1925.

    There’s a reason that river is encased in concrete.

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