E3 Parking…

2005_05_18_parking.jpgPer Joystiq:

“We have arrived. The E3 exhibit floor opens in just 30 minutes, but weĆ­ve already been gouged, first by the nice gentleman in the parking lot nearby ($40/day) and then by the providers of the WiFi access ($25/day) in the cafe where we now sit with the rest of the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed journalists, fans, and industry folks.”

I’ve been to various events at the L.A. Convention Center and Staples Center before, but I don’t remember prices being *that* expensive for parking around there. Holy crap!

5 thoughts on “E3 Parking…”

  1. The next time I have to go an event there, I think I am going to try to figure out what this ‘subway’ thing is people keep talking about. I hear it lets out right there.

  2. There’s a lot at Venice and Grand, about a five minute walk away. It’s $3 for three hours and $5 for all day.

  3. Fight the power.

    If I would have seen that sign I would have turned around and driven to a Metro (subway) station, parked for free (google it. lots of them have free parking) and taken the subway in. an all day metro pass for buses and trains is $3.00. You could either do that or park 3 blocks east of the Convention Center on Pico. There’s $5.00 all day parking there.

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