Blogroll, v2.0

The blogroll is dead. Long live the blogroll.

Long story made short here is we’re starting over from scratch with the blogroll and need your help. If your link was on there, or should have been on there, or might be cool if it was on there and you live in Los Angeles, post a comment and include a link to your site and we’ll see about adding you. We’re even including people who refuse to link us!

One note, we know you can’t post links to blogspot blogs thanks to all your friendly spammers, so if you need to do that, just use a zero for the “o”s like this – bl0gsp0t and I’ll make sure to correct those before adding them to the links.

10 thoughts on “Blogroll, v2.0”

  1. I’d love to be included in the new blog roll. I’m an artist living in the South Bay and mostly blog about projects.

  2. Just launched today, but would love to be included. Living in LA and blogging about screenwriting. I hear there are a few screenwriters here in this city! Thanks! Would love the add!

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