And what of the Nerds?

chalkwars.jpgSince Star Wars : Episode III : Revenge of the Sith opens tonight at midnight I’m sure you are clicking every link you can find on the internet trying to find out what the crap is going on with the Liner Uppers. We haven’t posted about it recently because Jaymes paid me $500 in cash to shut up about it, well, that and they just got too damn boring. But, since this all ends today I figured I’d throw a nice little bow on the situation just to finish it out. According to the Nerd HQ there’s 334 people waiting in line, and according to the rules “You need to be in Line for the final 24 hours before Episode III opens.”

Guess what?

There’s not 334 people waiting in line right now. Why? Well I think that a bunch of them just gave up or something. Thanks to my 1337 H4X0R Sk1llz I got access to their secret message boards that no one even knows about and lets just say that the arguments on there were WAY more interesting than the ones on the public board. There’s mega dissent in the ranks. But who really cares about that at this point? You just want to know what’s going on with the nerds who are still waiting at Graumans.

Well. Let me tell you.

In a sign of good will George Lucas offered to send some kind of a freaking battalion of Storm Troopers over to the line to escort the waiters over to the Arclight for the opening. Like a nerd parade. He wasn’t even going to charge them or require them to hold up NetFlix logos. And… they said no. They said he could take his escort and shove it. How totally un-fan-like. The thing is, I think some of the linesters wanted the escort, in fact it was their wet dream, but the other nerds killed it for them. Right now the nerds are divided into three groups. Lets look at those.

  1. Nerds who are going to Arclight. We’ll call these guys the smart ones since everyone knows Arclight is quite possibly the best theater ever built. These are the people who really want to see the movie the best way it can possibly be seen. This is not an opinion, it’s documented fact. So step off.
  2. Nerds who are going to the Vista. We’ll call these the guys the grumpy ones. These are the ones who are blaming Arclight for Grauman’s not showing Episode III, as if there’s any connection and refuse to accept that Grauman’s lost the movie all on their own. You can recognize these guys by their big frowns – however they still want to see the movie.
  3. And finally, and these are really the standouts here – the nerds who are not leaving and will be picketing or something in front of of the Chinese to make sure everyone knows how angry and nerdy they are. They are the ones who don’t give a crap about the movie and just want to stomp around and complain about junk. I don’t even know what to call this group… except SELLOUTS! Because now, on the last day, they are caving in and joining group #1. Some of them anyway. And now they are letting the Storm Troopers escort them. How shocking. That is from their protest site.

Me? I’m going to see it next week at Arclight when there’s no crowds, and no drama.

[photo by pt | full star wars line coverage]

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  1. I’m not even a Star Wars nerd, and I’d love to be escorted to a movie by a Storm Trooper battalion. Anyone who turns that down is crazy.

  2. I came here hoping you had an update on the nerdy star wars dorks and you did!

    I can’t believe how lame they were to turn down the storm trooper escort from Lucas.

  3. Wouldn’t it be cool if the stormtroopers made them all get into a Dodge Pacer and drive them down to the arclight.

  4. Going to Manns Marketplace tonight for the DLP Digital screening at 12:01 AM.

    Thinking those cats shoulda followed the Lucas Stormtroopers to the Arclight (is a once in a lifetime op for a SW nerd; could sort of been like a nerd knighthood…you’d still be talking about it at Star Wars conventions in 2020). Now, for them, it’s going to be a lifetime of whining away in Martyritaville…

    This makes me want to open a specialized -Nerd Management- company in Hollywood :); it’d be a little pro bono at first, though …

  5. Awww. So Commander Zitty and the Greasy Grubbers really didn’t have a cult of personality, after all? All their minions have flocked to the Arclight? SAY IT AIN’T SO! Bwahahahahahahahaha.

  6. SPLITERS……..

    I have Arclight tickets for Sunday @ 11:30 AM. No dome, the seats SUCK and are made for hobbit sized people.

  7. I would’ve wanted an escort from a horde of storm troopers. Pfft. Too bad, we don’t have those here. Our Star Wars lines are not as interesting as yours… from where I go anyway.

    ~kyameel from manila metblogs

  8. Wait a minute….

    Those fucking losers decieved us…

    When all the bad press came out — you know where their leadership was on their message boards threatening to trot out sick kids in front of the media like some Saddam Hussein pre-war media stunt to force George Lucas to make the Chinese Theater to show Star Wars,

    or where they started to infight on their messageboards with enough drama and vile to make a drag queen from Weho jealous,

    that when they finally figured out that most of the public thinks of them (and rightly so) they are sociopaths and nasty people, they started a top secret second messageboard so they could be their real selves (hateful, petty and mean), not the “we are all happy, we are all getting along, everything is great, its all about charity,
    happy, happy, happy” image that they all of sudden ran in front of the media?

    It just goes to show that my views on these idiots were right:

    1) They love drama

    2) They aren’t really nice people. They can be nice in short periods (hence why they were trying to ask critics to visit them in line), but after a while their drama would surface.

    3) They aren’t the a-list Star Wars fans they make themselves out to be.

    4) They selfishly used the charity drive for two reasons 1) so they wouldn’t get booted off the street and 2) to make anyone who criticized them seem like some jerk trying to hurt “the sick children.” Even though they had done multiple lines between Episode 2 and Episode 3, none of those were for this charity they claim to love.

    5) They are more in love with the act of camping out for events (movies, concerts, etc) than Star Wars itself. Look at their events section, they have done lines for Xmen, Lord of the Rings, Toy Sales, etc.

    6) They will lie at the drop of the hat (great lies were We Have No Leaders and We are only like this on the messageboard)

    7) The line is a desperate attempt for attention. They claim that they don’t understand the media circus, yet sent out press releases and called the media constantly to cover them. They are desperate for friends or maybe better said, friends not like their current friends.

    I can only hope that after George Lucas’ kind gesture was spit back in his face, that he takes them for as much money by making a ton of box office and sales off this group of losers and despots.

    Now these sociopaths will either 1) commit suicide saving society from having to deal with their idiocy; 2) go back to the basement bedroom in mom’s house; 3) try to convince people they work with that they weren’t really a nerd for doing this- that its the other people in line were the real nerds and you were the cool guy; 4) join some religious cult after they figure out that they have no purpose in life anymore.

  9. Indeed. One thing I learned early on in high school was that the so-called “nerds” could be every bit as cruel and hateful as their mainstream counterparts. Like most adults in fandom, these people have never emotionally matured beyond that stage of life.

    I love the upbeat tone at liningup. They don’t seem to understand that the media isn’t covering them, it’s mocking them and when people are laughing at you the “for the children” emotional blackmail doesn’t work.

  10. “I love the upbeat tone at liningup.”

    It appears to have been all an act.

  11. I’m confused. We turned down the 501st? I think not. In fact, I was the one that e-mailed their CO a few weeks back and asked if they wanted to do anything with us since they had done so the previous two times.

    I’m not sure if that was before or after Lucasfilm contacted them or not, but to say we turned them down is outright wrong, and I’m not sure where that piece of info came from.

  12. Sean – Oh don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that there wasn’t some line member that had those sentiments, because I know that’s not the case.

    All I was saying, is that in any sort of official capacity, we were all for it.

    Someone’s individual (or even small collective group) opinion, isn’t indicative of the thoughts of those of us behind the scenes actually talking to the various people to make this happen.

  13. “Someone’s individual (or even small collective group) opinion, isn’t indicative of the thoughts of those of us behind the scenes actually talking to the various people to make this happen.”

    So you are saying you are a leader?

    This is contrary to that Greg guy saying you had no leaders.

    No wonder Sean is confused.

  14. Heh, I got a free pass to see it at a 7:30pm pre-show. Sad thing was, I just wanted to see the movie, not an uber star wars geek, just nestalgic (spelling?),as I saw the first (episode 4) in the theaters when I was 6…
    Anyway, there they were the Star Wars geeks lined up waiting for the 12:01 show… and all they had to do was ask to get into the free show, as there were plenty of open seats…
    As for the Chinese theater – sad that they didnt land the show, but seriously, its a MOVIE, not the end of the world…

  15. “Thanks to my 1337 H4X0R Sk1llz I got access to their secret message boards that no one even knows about”

    Umm…the author of this blog is clearly an idiot. It’s not as if it takes a genius to look at the front page of their site and figure out that some people are going to be upset that others are going to leave and see it at the arclight. I find it quite hard to believe that the “secret message boards that no one even knows about” could be more revealing than say…an educated guess.

    Of course the fans are going to be disappointed that the movie isn’t playing at Mann’s; some of them flew from Europe and Australia to see it there. I think if you realize that they came to the line partly to have fun and see the movie, and not just to be in line for the sake of being “in line,” then their behavior isn’t surprising at all.

    I actually didn’t stand in line prior to the premiere date at all, but on opening day, I drove a few hundred miles to Hollywood to go the premiere, because I like premieres. I didn’t know anybody in line, but everybody I met there was still really friendly. Their excitement about the movie made it ten times better because it got me pumped up about it.

    Seriously, this blog is just plain infantile. Sure, you might get a kick out of classifying sub-groups of nerds, but in the end, they really don’t care what you label them – they’re there to have a good time with people they can associate with while actually doing something productive for charity.

    If you choose to label me a nerd, I really don’t care – my self esteem isn’t based off of putting other people down.

  16. Just to clarify, Sean.

    I’m the author of the protest website. I was one of the leaders of the protest group. I want to set some things straight.

    1. No one to my knowledge from any of the three groups formally “turned down” the offer to be escorted by stormtroopers. I’ve heard this on multiple sites and this is completely false. Most of the people in line marched, except for those at the Vista and those who couldn’t make it.

    2. The protesters aren’t sellouts. We all loved the Chinese theater, and it was clearly the best place in Los Angeles, and we would argue the world to see Episode III. It has the best digital projector in LA, has Star Wars history, etc. Arclight announced to us that they would be showing Episode III in digital, something that we didn’t think would/could happen, we were very happy and decided to go there instead.

    Why? Not because we were sellouts, but because we were bigger star wars fans than Chinese theater fans. For me personally, I wasn’t about to miss out on possibly the last chance for an experience like this in my life so I could prove a point.

    This is all explained on the website. This is FIRST about Star Wars for all of us.

    I guess I’m a dick for backing out, but it really seemed like Lucasfilm and the Arclight theater pulled out all the stops for us that they could, and I’m thankful for that.

    I had a great time opening night.

    3. I think you’re mistaken on your perception of the relationship between the arclight and vista groups. Generally, we were all very friendly with each other and members of each party visited the other lines in the last few days. I just got back from Disneyland with people from both groups and we had a great time. There’s no hard feelings here, it was just a matter of theater preference.

    I enjoy reading your blog.

  17. “didn’t know anybody in line, but everybody I met there was still really friendly. ”

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Immanis is the spinmeister! You should go work on Tom Cruise’s PR team. Wait, never mind — everyone can see right through your pr spin.

    “This is FIRST about Star Wars for all of us.”

    Wait a minute? 3 weeks ago you were all spinning it was about the charity.

    What, did someone send out an email to all you liningup cult members saying that there was a desperate need for PR spin on

    I agree you aren’t sellouts– just so weak-minded as to not stand by your principles. You were so easily influenced by peer pressure as to not make a stand for what you supposedly believed in.

    And I hope George Lucas is laughing all the way to the bank.


  18. Dear God — I just randomly decided to visit the LiningUp message boards.

    What a bunch of co-dependent freaks?

    They are all weeping and gnashing their teeth on how the experience of lining up for freaking movie was THE experience of their pathetic lives. Or how they will all miss each other like they’ve known each other since birth.

    Psychotic? You bet. Co-dependent? Most definately. A team of psychologists would have a field day with all the neurosises and strange group think this bunch of losers present.

    You would think Jesus Christ spent time with them in line the way they are going on and on.

    These people are fucking nuts.

  19. “So you are saying you are a leader?”

    Nope. All I’m saying is that I was one of the people contacting the 501st to make the march and event happen.

    Believe me….I WISH we had one person controlling the whole thing. This leaderless anarchy system is totaly foreign to me, but I rolled with it and just did what I could to assist, where I could.

  20. Okay, didn’t the nerds lie saying that Lucasfilm provided the Stormtroopers — I knew there was a lie in that somehow. LININGUP is made up a fucking liars. Good riddance losers.

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