Pershing Square WiFi

In a ploy to get more business people using the park (at least that’s what they’re saying), a ceremony was held in Pershing Square on April 28th to announce free public WiFi is available there. Councilmember Jan Perry was on hand to cut a cable instead of a ribbon. Wireless, you see. ;) Anyhow, next time you’re in downtown with a laptop, see how the connection is. Eric Richardson liveblogged the event.

While you’re there, try taking some pictures and see how long it is until a security guard tells you to stop. Or just take a stroll and wave at a webcam.

4 thoughts on “Pershing Square WiFi”

  1. Now all they need to do is tear up the concrete, and I may actually go there to spend some time. I took the pic of the security guard, and while I just don’t understand the place (who the heck designed it anyway?), this step, although embarissingly late in coming, is a little encouraging.

    FYI – all of downtown Culver City has free Wi-Fi.

  2. The current design of Pershing Square is quite “It Came From the ’80s” sad. I remember when it used to be an accessible pocket of open space until the mid ’90s when some crapitect left us with the farce it is now. Every time I see that purple bell tower I wanna hurl.

    As to needing a permit to take pictures there, that’s straight-up bullshit.

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