New Public Art in Downtown

14363438_0d9849aaec_m.jpgPublic art is a touchy subject. There’s the city sponsored kind that usually is so bland and lifeless it’s barely digestable. This is usually because in order to get something sponsored by the city it has to go through 10 million people and anything at all interesting gets beaten out in the process. Then there’s the no-so-city-sponsored, not-so-legal kind which can be much more entertaining, especially if done right. Throw in a good sense of humor and that’s a recipe for fun. Eric Richardson noticed some new items popping up around his apartment and posted about it on blogdowntown:

“You may or may not have seen various incarnations of these signs around Downtown recently. I first saw one last Thursday, at the corner of 4th and Main. It was a ‘one way’ style sign, pointing down 4th, which read ‘DRUGS.’ This morning I noticed a couple of these ‘Public Restroom’ signs on the future loft building at 548 S. Spring St. This picture shows one of the signs in context.”

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