LA Times is Blogging the Mayor’s Race

May 17, 2005 at 8:35 am in Uncategorized

Someone over at the LA Times convinced someone else to let them install MoveableType in order to set up “Blogging The Mayors Race“. Subtitled “The Opinion Manufacturing Division’s Invitational Free-for-All” this blog looks like an fairly untouched out-of-the-box installation and has had two posts so far, both yesterday at 2:04 PM and 3:55 PM. There’s no list of who the contributors are but the posts thus far are from msoller and dswartz. Maybe it will pick up today, I mean, we hope it will, given how this whole Mayor’s race isn’t going to be going on that much longer.

There’s a blogroll too which is so painfully short I’m just going to post the whole damn thing here: L.A. Observed,
LA Voice,
Joe Scott,
Mayor Sam’s Sister City,
The Angelino,
The Schadelmann,

Matt Szabo,
Bob Hertzberg,
LA Cowboy,
Noti Los Angeles (Spanish-language),
Patterico’s Pontifications,
Matt Welch,
Fishbowl LA,
Hugh Hewitt,

Cathy Seipp. Looks like we got snubbed. Thanks to Patterico for the tip off.

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