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You probably already know that craploads of bloggers are in town for E3. Koga, Wil, Xeni and I will be there at one point or another. Our friends from Engadget and Rotten will be there. Some bloggers from Metroblogging San Francisco are even in town and have put together a bit of a gathering. Courtney from SF has the details:

e3_logo72.jpgIn the Bay Area & the Silicon Valley, one of the most high-tech areas in the country, gaming and the game industry are very prominent forces. Many of you have heard of E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or are lucky enough to be attending. It is the premier event for the gaming industry, where the latest and greatest systems and games are often revealed. This year looks to be a doozy, with three next-gen consoles to be unveiled.

Many Bay Area companies will be in full force at E3, including your humble correspondent’s current gig. I will be there workin’ the booth, please come by and say hello if you will be there at the expo!

I’ve put together a gathering of blogerati at the Golden Gopher on 8th Street in downtown L.A., for those in attendance or in the area at the time of E3… hoping to see metbloggers from all over in attendance!”

7 thoughts on “bloggers @ E3”

  1. Rats!

    I’m stuck in Atlanta at another, far less entertaining conference for my day job and would love to join you, but I’ll be hitting and blogging E3 Thursday and Friday. Hoist one for me tomorrow night!

  2. I forgot to mention, I am specifically working at the PS3 area of the Sony booth, and I am the little filipina chick with short hair that has fuschia highlights in it. :) I’ll be working the booth in the morning on Wednesday, afternoons on Thursday and Friday.

    Looking forward to meeting some metbloggers and readers this week!

  3. I’ll be working at E3 for Mountain Dew.
    I think we’ll be outside passing out free Mountain Dew.
    Come by to get some free drinks! ^^

  4. hey, if any of the rest of you bLA people are going to the get together tonight at golden gopher, let me know.

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