Dodger Broadcasters Honored

Nr7eJ6Hk.jpg Vin Scully and Jaime Jarrin, Dodger broadcasters extraordinare, have been honored in a new book, “Voices of Summer.”

Scully, who has been at the job since the Dodgers were in Brooklyn, was named the best broadcaster in baseball history — rightly so, if I do say so myself. :) And Jarrin was named the #1 Spanish announcer and 28th overall. We are blessed here in LA with a pair of hall-of-famers behind the mike.

3 thoughts on “Dodger Broadcasters Honored”

  1. Nothing sounds more powerfully like spring, summer, baseball, or my childhood than Vin Scully.

    The Giants/A’s are just that much worse for not being able to boast a voice like Vin’s.

    Of course, now I’m having the strangest urge for some Farmer John’s sausages . . . .

  2. Even though I’m halfway ’round the world in South Korea, it wasn’t the cherry blossoms that alerted me to the arrival of Spring. It wasn’t truly Spring until I streamed a Dodger game over the ‘net and heard Vinny welcoming everyone to another beautiful night in Chavez Ravine. It was then that I knew Spring had sprung.

    I will never forget the night I was at the ballpark with a contributor and between innings we were escorted right into the broadcast booth. When we were introduced, Scully turned with a smile, stuck out his hand and said, “Hi, guys. Thanks for coming out to the game.” I’ve met plenty of celebrity-types, but that night I knew what it felt like to meet a legend.

  3. If Arte really wanted to reach out to an entire region he needs to have an announcer like Vin Scully.

    Vin is truly one of the greats in baseball, no matter where I travel, his voice instantly causes me to pay attention to the Dodgers eventhough I live in the OC and I don’t bleed Dodger blue.

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