Slices of Life (and death) in the City of Angels

While I’m not even going to pretend to cover the LA Blogosphere the way Jonah does at I have to admit I do read a lot of blogs from people in LA. A good number of them I’ve never met in person. Tony Pierce was one of those people until I finally got to shake his hand at Matt & Emmanuelle‘s house the other night. Huge highlight for me because I’m a bit fan.

Two other LA Bloggers who are worthwhile daily reads are beFrank and Heathervescent. This morning’s RSS reads delivered from both. Heather talks about how someone was shot a few blocks from her house:

“For some reason I’m not so concerned by living near or in a murder scene. Death is a part of life and violent death is not uncommon. I live my life knowing I can die at any instant and I try to remember this as much as possible. I think instead of the events that lead to the shooting. What was the issue about. A young man shot point blank. Blam, the end of his life. Who pulled the trigger? What was the disagreement about? Did the man make a remark about someones girlfriend? Was it atonement for some gang faux-pas? Was it excommunication? Was it someones entrance test? All these questions, no answers. Just a blood stain, vase of flowers and my thoughts as I walk the streets and enjoy the flowers.”

And beFrank, who is a broadcast news photographer, talks about the violence he sees on his job, and how instead of covering another shooting, he has to cover a child molester in a clown suit:

“Aw, hell. I’ve had a rough week and I just don’t feel like being proper right now. I don’t think he was caught red handed, but I got the impression that he’s probably guilty. It’s just that the scam he had worked up for himself was just so outrageously ridiculous, I hope the judge tags on a bunch of extra years just for the hell of it.

The guy dressed up as a clown and was working kids parties. What a bastard. Two girls, a 12 year old and a 14 year old ratted him out.

He went by the name of Trim-Trim the Clown.”