Pig Out

Just got this IM’d from a friend:

5th Anniversary Celebration at The Pig
The barbecue palace celebrates with a weekend of free samples and dessert, plus raffles for prizes.
May 13-15, The Pig, 612 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles

Now you can all argue in the comments as much as you like about the merits of The Pig or what’s the best BBQ in LA. IMHO, free BBQ is the best BBQ. Count me in.

3 thoughts on “Pig Out”

  1. The Pig claims to make Memphis-style BBQ. As a native of Memphis I can say they are pretty good. They are no Corky’s or Rendevous by a long shot, but it’s the best BBQ you’ll get out here.

  2. Corky’s!? No way. Interstate all the way! And LA’s own JRs at the junction of La Cienega and Fairfax is owned by the sister of the guy who owns Interstate. First time I ate there, I told my wife it tasted like Interstate — then I found out why. Say ‘hi” to Robert when you go in and tell him I sent you.

  3. I went by The Pig last nite with a friend and her dad. It was pretty empty by 8:30. We did get some free appetizers and I “won” a bottle of their BBQ sauce in the raffle. We also got a free brownie sundae if we wanted it, but Sarah didn’t eat chocolate and I don’t eat ice cream…so.

    It may not be the BEST BBQ I’ve ever had (and I did used to be a fan of Corky’s back in the early 90’s when I was travelling to Memphis on Williams-Sonoma business, tho I agree there is better BBQ in Memphis, too), but the pulled pork plate was pretty good. I did have to slather it in some more BBQ sauce at the table to make it less erm “bland.” The brisket was good, but could have been a little more tender. But everyone was nice and the service was super fast.

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