New Perspectives at UCLA

My advisor/boss asked me to check out a book for a paper we’re writing. As the lowly first year PhD student on the research team, I was the one sent to the Biomedical Library to hunt down this book in the creepy stacks.

I’ve been on the UCLA campus for nearly seven years now and have had many classes in the South Campus building. Although I didn’t major in the life sciences, engineering or physical sciences, I still spent a considerable part of my undergrad years on the south side.

I never really noticed anything cool about South Campus, which is frequently glossed over in tours. The student tour guides will take prospective students to South Campus since many of them are pre-med, but they only discuss the boring stuff. You know, accomplishments of faculty and students in the sciences. There’s little lore about the buildings or pop culture tidbits about movies and television shows filmed in this area of the campus.

Anyway, in my brief trip I noticed things I’d never noticed before, like the eye-shaped stairwell of the Molecular Sciences building and the desert plants in the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden. It’s nice to get a new perspective on something I’ve seen dozens of times.

3 thoughts on “New Perspectives at UCLA”

  1. I’ve been going to the Mathias botanical gardens since I was a wee laddie getting my teeth drilled at the nearby UCLA school of dentistry. It’s a magical place to me รณ the gardens, NOT the tooth school.

  2. There are some really pretty places on South Campus, one just has to search like mad to find them. In the middle of Boelter (Comp. Science) there’s a beautiful, shady courtyard that nobody uses…

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