Episode III Premiere…

Our very own Xeni Jardin attended last night’s charity screening of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith at the Mann Village in Westwood, and her report, complete with Star Wars NapkinCam, is online:

7:31 — Guy from Lucasfilms thanks crowd. This is a charity event, ticket proceeds benefit ANSA, of which Episode III star Sameul L. Jackson and wife LaTanya Richardson are longtime supporters. Lucasfilms guy: Bla bla proud bla Star Wars bla bla PIRACY. “Many of you have paid a lot of money to be here but your ticket price does not include an illegal copy of the movie with a video camera or your cellphone.” Note to self: find out which US carrier sells cellphones so sophisticated, they can shoot cinema-quality video inside a dark movie theater. Lucasfilms guy: “We have monitors everywhere inside the theater tonight, looking for prohibited recording devices, and when I say we have monitors everywhere, I want you to remember, we are the people who invented the Evil Empire.” Dude. Way to kill the love.

Seriously, the hoops I have to jump through when going to advance screenings nowadays are retarded. Sometimes they’ll let you leave your cameraphone with them and they’ll lock it with your driver’s license in a Zip-Lock bag, but other times, they’ll force you to leave it in your car. But in Xeni’s case, it didn’t matter because peeps still managed to bring them inside the theatre. Guess security wasn’t so airtight after all.