Arclight Kicks Ass with Star Wars Episode III

I don’t mean to be a shill for the Arclight, but this was in their latest member’s e-mail and it’s a great example of 1) Why it’s awesome that Star Wars Episode III is playing there (whether or not it’s playing at Graumann’s) and 2) Why I freaking love that theater and what they do.

State-of-the-art 2K resolution projection will fill the big screen with clarity and detail. All Dome shows of Episode III will be in digital presentation.

Be one of the first to see the last episode of the saga. Purchase tickets now before we announce these extra shows to the general public on Saturday night. Click here.

In addition to more midnite shows, we’ve added a 4am digital presentation. And seats are currently available in the 6:30am and 9:30am Dome shows.

Our CafÈ will be open, serving munchies for the middle-of-the-night diehards and offering continental breakfast items for the get-there-before-work crowd. Our coffee cart will be going full blast and we’ll have our signature chicken sausage baguettes, hot dogs and critically-acclaimed popcorn and caramel corn at the snack stands.

Marshall artist sword masters from Master Replicas will present live lightsaber duels in the plaza every hour after dark, Wednesday through Saturday, May 18 – 21. The 501st Legion Stormtroopers will oversee the duels.

On Wednesday, May 18th, the 501st Legion, led by Darth Vader, will march through Hollywood to celebrate the opening of the film, returning to ArcLight around 7pm.

Let the celebration begin and may the Force be with you.

Um, hello, LIGHTSABER DUELS??!! And if you didn’t know, now that they and The Grove have changed their pricing structure it’s actually cheaper to see a movie at the Arclight sometimes. The Grove and Graumann’s can take their line standing and crowds and stuff them. Arclight 4 Life!

8 thoughts on “Arclight Kicks Ass with Star Wars Episode III”

  1. Whatever — this theater lost my business when they pre-sold a bunch of Star Wars tickets to wannabe Star Wars fans. Now its the Sunset 5 for me for artsy and the Grove for regular movies. Fuck the Arclight.

  2. Awesome. More reserved seats for me, sucker. Have fun standing in disorganized lines for an hour (which people cut anyway thanks the exceptionally well-trained staff) only to fight over seats with 13-year-old OC fans. I just did it recently for Hitchhiker’s, and every second was a painful reminder of how much it sucks.

    BTW, I don’t think I’m following your logic. Are you calling the guys “wannabe Star Wars fans,” (which would be idiotic) or are you one of the guys calling other people wannabes because they didn’t stand in line (which would also be idiotic)?

  3. If you read their media hype, you will know that most of them don’t care a rats ass about star wars. Its all about camping out on the street for events.

    Also, what tool goes to movies and waits in line? There are plenty of morning and afternoon screenings with no lines.

  4. Man, my midnight Dome seat is soooo prime. :P I am way stoked about this “convention atmosphere” that’s sure to be there, as thousands of SW fans converge on the Arclight courtyard. And I don’t have to miss any of it waiting in line! Partay over here. If Arclight had a mailbox, I’d put balloons on it.

  5. I’m disgruntled that I wasn’t able to get midnite tix either to Star Wars, but Arclight still rocks… even though my tix are for 3:30pm Thurday.

    For midnight, I got tickets at the AMC Disney… so, as a true Star Wars geek, I spend all day Wednesday at Disney… visiting the deteriorating (aka vintage) Star Tours, hit the show at midnight, spend the first half of Thursday at some crappy pool in Anaheim, and then head to the Arclight for a second screening… hoping it doesn’t suck.

    In the meantime, I’ll miss the lightsaber battles.

  6. Right Greg, you have fucking inside information on Star Tours — all you’ve been is a disinformation propogandist for

    What a loser.

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