abLA Round-Up for May 6-13

ï A post about Laura Richard Janku’s article Why Aren’t There More West Coast Art Fairs on Artinfo.com, chronicling San Franisco’s issues with hosting fairs and the emerging artLA fair here in Los Angeles. After reading this article, and being involved with art fairs, I note that we’re in a “chicken or the egg” situation. Meaning that “good” galleries will only do fairs if other “good” galleries do them – meanwhile, few are taking the first step. Sigh.

ï Kevin Christy gets a Fecal Face interview. In fact, FF is rockin’ with the interviews. This week included Rachell Sumpter, Megan Whitmarsh, Wayne White, and more.

ï Do I hear $100, $500…sold! It’s auction time in Los Angeles benefiting a bevy of things. Fun.

ï Doug Harvey (with another amazing title) writes about the Olafur Eliasson and Temporary Services exhibitions in the LA Weekly.

ï Art Mobs creates unofficial podcasted audio tours for MoMA. I now declare – you’ve gotten art in my technology! Or is it you’ve gotten technology in my art?

ï The craziest thing I heard of all week. And yes, it has to do with LACMA.

ï Gallery Row unveiled, yet again. Congrats on one year!

ï Zombie vs. Vampire reading battle tomorrow night. Sounds awesome. Of course I have to be a horror nerd and point out that it’s not really a “battle of the undead” as zombies are actually living dead.

ï Yet again, another busy Saturday filled with art receptions. From downtown’s Gallery 727 to Culver City’s Overtones and Billy Shire Gallery, it’s a good night to be out.

Image: Tony Payne – No Title, 2004 – hand stamped with artistís blood, 22″ x 30″, ed. 4 of 10 – @ LACE May 21 Auction