Game On!

Speaking of E3, yes, it rolls into town next week at the L.A. Convention Center. The conference starts on Tuesday, the 17th, and the exhibition starts on Wednesday, the 18th and runs through Friday, the 20th. With Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft (anyone still miss Sega and its Dreamcast?) unveiling their next generation consoles, expect lots of hype from their respective PR machines.

Also next week:

I Am 8 Bit hosts a closing reception on Wednesday, the 18th @ 7:00-11:00 PM, and the exhibit closes on Friday, the 20th.

More Friends: Music From ‘Final Fantasy’ will be at the Universal Ampitheatre on Monday, the 16th @ 8:00 PM.

On a related note, I’ve recently noticed that Fry’s Electronics has been aggressively selling new videogames on the cheap, taking perhaps a stand similar to Wal-Mart in getting their customers to come in so they’ll spend money on their higher-ticket items. Recent examples include Gran Turismo 4 clones Forza Motorsport for the Xbox (retail is $49.99 but Fry’s was $34.99) and Enthusia Professional Racing for the PS2 (retail is $39.99 but Fry’s was $29.99).

4 thoughts on “Game On!”

  1. Don’t forget the Inside E3 party at the Avalon on the 18th, with Carlos D from Interpol and Mark Ronson (among others) on the turntables.

  2. Don’t forget to note that E3 is not open to the general public. It’s mostly for people who are in the gaming industry in some shape or form, although you can get in through some sort of deception.

    Oh, and on your Fry’s note I’d like to ask you, where have you been?! They’ve been selling new games for cheap the first week they come out for the longest time now. Better to know now than never though.

  3. Heh, apparently asleep at the wheel!

    I’ve been trying to supprt the local game stores but the fact that Fry’s is undercutting them by as much as $15.00 per title makes it very difficult, at least for new releases.

    Going back to E3, I forgot to mention that it’s not just about the convention, it’s also (perhaps more importantly) about the parties.

  4. I will be working @ the Sony booth during E3… mainly the PS3 area, so it’ll be a doozy!

    I am also trying to organize a little get-together for bloggers and other net-types that week… looks like maybe the 17th will work best… check under the “e3” tag.

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