West Hollywood + Parking Meters + Cellphones = Trendy

There’s a really forward thinking idea being put into play on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood where when your parking meter is about to run out the thing calls your cellphone to remind you. This sounds like a great thing from the user perspective, and according to MSNBC is also quite Trendy. (emphasis is mine)

New parking meters on West Hollywood’s trendy street call the user’s cell phone as time expires. The new meters made a connection with Roxanne Holloway, a busy actress who admits that she often forgets to feed the meter.

“It’s the new trendy thing,” Holloway said. “I get a lot of parking tickets. I’m really flaky. I forget about it. We always have our cell phones, but maybe not our change.”

Sounds trendy.

Seriously though, it will be interesting to see how the city handles this and if it spreads. I know for a fact that often tickets from meters are part of the city budget and counted on to pay bills, so if the meters start calling people and tickets stop being written, that’s going to have some trickle-down effect somewhere. If we’re lucky it will be somewhere trendy. I’m not even going to comment on the bit about the actress calling herself “flaky”. [via LA Voice]

6 thoughts on “West Hollywood + Parking Meters + Cellphones = Trendy”

  1. Every phone nowadays comes with an alarm clock, why not use that functionality? It’s even a lot “safer” then giving away your phone number to some machine. Or is that not trendy enough?

  2. What would be really “trendy” is if instead of just calling to remind a person that time is up you could then complete a transaction right on your phone that would allow you to refeed the meter without having to haul ass back over to it.

    Yeah, and if wishes were wings, pigs would fly.

  3. Will: presumably parking meters are not only a revenue generator for the city, but also a way to facilitate commerce. When parking is in high demand, there must be a system that encourages turnover. This is important to businesses that rely on drive-in customers, as well as to visitors to the area knowing that they can find a spot someplace to park.

    If you could just pay the meter from your phone, you’d essentially be giving those with cash to burn a semi-permanent parking spot in an area that should be available to everyone.

    I say “no” to auto-pay-by-phone. Get up and put the quarters in yourself. But yeah, the auto-notification is a good feature.

  4. Thats weird. I use to hear that we’re not suppose to keep feeding the meters cuz technically, we’re only allowed to park there for 60 minutes (or whatever time allotment) for the entire day. Not sure if thats just some parking enforcement being an ass or an urban myth.

  5. No, that’s true. You can’t stay in the same spot for more than the posted time. But if you only paid for part of the time at first you can pay for the rest later.

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