Silver Lake – Food – addendum

The Food section in this week’s Weekly is covering Silver Lake so I felt I needed to respond, since it’s my hood and all. Frighteningly I haven’t been to all the places they talk about but there’s some missing info on some of the reviews that I thought I needed to ammend.

Alegria – This place was great until they redid their menu and took off every single vegan option they had, which would have been fine except they have a totally retarded “we don’t customize food” rule which means if you are allergic to dairy products and you ask them to “hold the cheese” they tell you to suck it. Which is insane because with me, I want to pay the same thing for less food and they won’t go for it. So forget them, haven’t been there in over a year.

Rambutan Thai – They got this right, it rocks, but I really think they could have stuffed the world “hip” in the review one more time.

Say Cheese – Lot parking? HA! By “lot parking” they mean the same lot as Trader Joes which anyone who has ever driven down Hyperion knows is completely useless and over packed 24 hours a day. It’s a shame but it makes shopping in any of those stores completely impossible. So no, I’ve ever been there.

They also totally over looked Lelah Thai, Mae Ploy and Pho King – three eateries that I highly recommend in the greater Silver Lake area.

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  1. Allow me a shout out for Sompun, another great Thai place on Santa Monica Blvd. south of Sunset, and also allow me the requisite “I can’t believe they didn’t include” for La Cochinito (next door to Alegria), Tantra, Pramadan, Cliff’s Edge, Dusty’s, and Aroma.

    If you’re going to cover an area’s eatscene then COVER it.

  2. Rambutan is tasty and comfortable and contains occasional super models, I just wish they had a real liquor license.

    Suriyo Thai is pretty good (I especially like their Suriyo rolls).

    I can’t believe all the trouble Tantra goes to to look nice while the food is totally lame.

    Cliff’s Edge is such a surreal, beautiful little retreat, but could stand to lose a little of the pretension.

  3. Isn’t the parking lot of Say Cheese located behind them, accessible via the alley next to MJ’s? I don’t believe that its the lot shared with Trader Joe’s.

    But thanks for the Alegria info!

  4. pho king rocks! talk about the secret restaurant with no name. but damn it’s yummy. nice mention.

  5. yep frank, that is the parking lot for Say Cheese thru MJ’s. and also parking for the last of the few places to get USA made Converse at that shoe repair place.

  6. Pho King! I’ve never been there, but that has got to be one of the funniest restaurant names ever!! (BTW, I do believe “pho” is pronounced, “fuh”.)

  7. Where’s Pho King? In Silverlake? Do tell, are you sure its not pho cafe on Sunset, next to Rhambutan?

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