Satanic Guest House for Rent

Here’s one of the best Craigslist postings I’ve seen in a while, and it’a right here in LA! Sweet!

$700 / 1br – Satanic guest House
1 Bedroom private guest house, on dirt road in hills overlooking Broadway / Mission Rd. Walls drip with blood, overpowering stench of death — but the views are nice! DO NOT FLAG THIS AD FOR BEING IN THE WRONG CATEGORY AGAIN, THERE IS NO SEPERATE CATEGORY FOR SATANIC GUEST HOUSES! STOOPID!

Unfortunately between the time I was e-mailed this link and the time I actually got around to posting it the listing seems to have been pulled. I guess some stoopid moron flagged it again. This sounds like a real problem, maybe they should consider a “satanic guest house” category – you know, just to prevent the confusion.

2 thoughts on “Satanic Guest House for Rent”

  1. Flagged, my Aunt Fanny.

    $700 for a 1BR with a view; that was the preemptive strike of someone jumping on that thing. And you thought the NYC obit-chasers were bad…

  2. Hey, I lived there!

    And the “walls drip with blood” thing is totally overplayed. I thought it would be a great visual, but it barely drips AND it only does so when you watch the 700 Club. Lame.

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