I like Food, Food Tastes Good

Jonah, who rules the school over on LA Blogs has just launched a new site about food in LA, called la.foodblogging.com. This is awesome because, well, food rules. It’s also awesome because I used to love Jonah’s LABlogs posts about things he was digging which haven’t been as frequent lately (he’s been posting what other people are digging) and this seems like something he’ll be able to spend some of his own time on. Very cool. For some reason NetNewsWire is choking on the RSS feeds (something I’ve noticed on a few WP blogs) but I’m sure that will be worked out soon. In the meantime, this as a fantastic new addition.

One thought on “I like Food, Food Tastes Good”

  1. Thanks for the pointer Sean. I have heard similar stuff about WP feeds, I’ll check into it. What use is there having a feed on a site about food if it causes feedreaders indigestion?

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