Huffington Post is live – do dah do dah

After months of waiting The Huffington Post is finally live. I first heard about this as being some kind of super-blog full of celebs. Then I heard it was supposed to be an “alternative” for people whose opinions we’re being heard. Whatever the official mission statement is I don’t know because there’s nothing on the site describing it. But, what you can see is the site is broken out into two sections, The News Wire and The Blog, with lots of RSS options.

News Wire is obvious, it’s news listings. Although short of the “Tips” section, there’s no info about how what news is picked for the section. Each news listing does have comments which is a nice touch.

The Blog on the other hand is what everyone is looking at. From the current posts, it looks like there’s a ton of contributors although there’s no master list that I can find. It also looks like if you are a celebrity then your posts will be marked as “featured” and published to the front page of the site, otherwise they will be buried in the blog section and there’s no comments on the blog posts. There is a blogroll, a huge blogroll in fact, that is pretty much all over the place. There’s politics, gossip, gadgets, technology, personal sites, celebrities, company blogs and web apps. Again, we have no idea who picked these links but from the looks of who is included, and who isn’t, it looks like someone looked on a few A-List blogs and said “this site is linking to these people, so we should too” – there’s not much rhyme or reason to it, except that it’s pretty much the usual suspects for the most part. I think I want to wait a few days before judging the content too closely. Defamer (who was lucky enough to be included on the blogroll) has been liveblogging the blog this morning.