2005_05_09_suv_crosswalk.jpgIt seems like everyone out here is in a hurry. But are they so impatient that they have to block the crosswalk completely while waiting for the light to turn green?

It also annoys me whenever I have to walk across the street and cars like this one block the crosswalk to the point where I have to walk behind them to get to the other side of the street!

I’d rather do that than walk in front of the car and shake my head in annoyance at the impatient driver. Or worse, flip him or her off.

4 thoughts on “Crosswalks…”

  1. I hate that also.

    I also hit the car with my hand. That usually wakes them up from their cell phone conversation.

  2. I am a pedestrian as well. And it amazes me the lack of concern people have for peds. I’ve actually been yelled at by drivers for walking in the crosswalk. I’ve been nearly hit too many times to mention. It’s not that people don’t care, it’s the incredulity drivers have for peds. Like, how dare I walk in the crosswalk, “That area’s not for you it’s for me to totally disreagrd your human rights to walk down the street”
    I DO walk in front of a__holes like that. I DO shake my head disapprovingly and I DO flip them off. It may get me shot one day but until then my middle finger is permanently raised whenever I enter a crosswalk.

  3. Boy have I had my fair share of such incidents as a pedestrian and cyclist, but in this age of rage the only time I raise my middle finger on the road now is when it’s accompanied by my index finger in a “V.” Peace.

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