Pop Quiz, Hotshot!

During tonight’s performance at the Wiltern, Moby mentioned that Los Angeles has been a great hotbed of electronica.

He reflected on his past and mentioned how it’s practically become trendy to be a geek. He said there recently was a supermodel who claimed to be a geek, and his reaction was, “Oh come on!”

So he offered his litmus test for whether or not you’re a geek:
1. If you know what the “T” in James T. Kirk stands for.
2. If you were in the A/V club in high school.
3. If you saw the documentary film Spellbound.
4. If you’ve ever handled a 20 sided die.

I scored three out of four on this one.

(Oh, and a big “Fuck you!” to the ass-clowns sitting two rows in front of me who kept standing and blocking my view of the stage.)

15 thoughts on “Pop Quiz, Hotshot!”

  1. I scored 2 out of 4, unless working on a TV show in high school can count as a form of A/V club. Then I’d get 3 out of 4, too.

  2. I couldn’t remember the “T” off the top of my head, and my school didn’t have an A/V club, but I’ve totally played D&D. I haven’t seen Spellbound. I’ve been tempted, but I’m afraid it’ll bring up bad memories — I was the center of a real-life spelling bee controversy in jr. high. Since then, I’ve learned that spelling abilities should be used only for good, and not evil.

  3. 1 for 4…”Tiberius.” The Nuns weren’t big on the AV at my high school (too much potential for “youthful exploration”…as one Nun put it). However, did get a copy of -Blade Runner- for my Beta Hi-Fi in ’86; was kind of a one-man AV club.

    But 20-sided dice and spelling-bee films…talk about asking for a “swirly :)”

  4. 1 – no idea, i have always been on the star wars side of that coin
    2 – Yes, AND the Chess Club.
    3 – Yes, and it hit too close to home.
    4 – handled, owned, and carried around with me for a while.

  5. Mom,hey Mom. I’M A GEEK.

    1. Tiberius
    2. Chess, German & GOLF club – No A/V at school
    3. Great movie
    4. 15th level Cleric baby!

  6. I’m a 3/4 also. I haven’t gotten around to renting Spellbound. I’ve actually been thinking about starting up a game of D&D or something similar lately, but all of my friends take themselves way too seriously to let down their guard and play.

    That’s the problem with stuff like this: it’s so 1986. It’s not the era of Revenge of the Nerds anymore. The battle’s over. We won. That’s why I get so annoyed at people that are still embarrassed that they get excited talking about a video game or a piece of technology. And framing it like it’s something that we used to do versus something we would be willing to do now is just perpetuating that stereotype.

    Not to, like, get all serious or anything.

  7. I don’t know; that seems like a seriously wimpy nerd list to me. If you are a REAL nerd, you have to:

    1. Re-created at least one prop, uniform, or vehicle from a favorite movie, TV show or comic. (yep)

    2. Read the entire catalog of at least one old-school SF author (Asimov, Clarke, or Heinlein) (all three for me!)

    3. Owned a Tribble. (yep again)

    4. Can name all the actors who played Doctor Who. (I used to be able to do this, but there’s been a few more since I started getting laid.)

    Extra points for having gotten the first four Star Wars action figures via the mail-in coupon, and having painted your own Ral Partha D&D figures. (sadly, yes to both!)

  8. I was the D&D geek — painted Ral Partha figurines (some of them actually pretty good), was the Dungeon Master, even played at recess in broad daylight. My parents are still trying to make me throw out some old AD&D books and modules stowed in the upper reaches of my erstwhile closet.

    Could never get into dress-up. For me, it was all about vorpal swords, fireballs, and that hot succubus in Monster Manual I.

  9. This Tiberius fan lost his 20 sided die over 20 years ago. (2/4) oemperor at blogspot dot com

  10. How many points do you get if you make a game that requires a 20 sided die…

  11. 2/4, although I did enter a spelling bee when I was young. I had Ral Partha miniatures (and Polly-S paint), and the display stand for the first 12 Star Wars action figures that you could only get by sending in proofs of purchase to Kenner.

    20-sided dice are for amateurs. You’re truly a geek if you’ve handled a 30-sided or 100-sided die.

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