The Actress Netflix Sent to the Star Wars Line, Gets Cut from Star Wars!

Last week Netflix sent Actor Bai Ling to the Star Wars Line outside of Graumans, apparently to cover it with Netflix logos and pose for publicity shots. The reason behind sending her was that she plays a character in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Er, um.. rather, she did play a character. AccessHollywood is reporting that she’s been cut from the film perhaps because she posed for Playboy. The Superficial has more details and some of the photos. While this does seem ripe for ridicule that Netflix sent an Actor from the new Star Wars who now isn’t in the movie, I think The Nerds are having the last laugh since in effect they got NetFlix to send over a Playboy model, which no matter how much some might deny it simply has to be more exciting. I’m waiting for word from my contacts at Hustler, Perfect 10, and Vivid about if they will also be sending over, uh.. representatives to the line.

FOLLOWUP: I made a post about this on the line’s message borard and they deleted it. Maybe they are in denial?

3 thoughts on “The Actress Netflix Sent to the Star Wars Line, Gets Cut from Star Wars!”

  1. I hear that Larry Flynnt is getting a piggy back ride from R2-D2 and should be over at the line doing wheelies and burn-outs this afternoon.

    I’m curious to find out if R2-D2 can chirp it through all gears.

  2. Sean, are you suprised by their censorship?

    Nerds with any type of power is a dangerous thing. First chance they have, they will abuse it as revenge for all those years getting picked on by the cool kids and jocks. Hitler was the biggest nerd of all and look what happened with him. Saddam Hussein — nerd and big Star Wars geek.

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