Didn’t Take Long

California’s legislature is moving to ban internet hunting. Yes, that hunting that Will posted about a couple of weeks ago, where folks line up their quarry through a web interface and somewhere in the real world a shot goes out of a gun and into the animal. They then ship the carcass to you.

The CNN article states, “Groups including the California Sportsmen’s Association, Safari Club International and the Outdoor Sportsman’s Coalition of California support the ban, saying hunting over the Internet is unethical and unsporting.”

They didn’t mention whether the UnSportsmen’s Association supports the ban … I’d think not.

3 thoughts on “Didn’t Take Long”

  1. What is so unfair about it?
    What do you tell someone in a wheelchair or a heart condition and can’t hunt out doors who wants to do it?
    Dingbats created this law and dingbats support it.
    Oh, and how is it going to be enforced? Everyone going to have to registar their computers and make them available immediately upon request of the state?
    Bunch of shitheads who don’t give a damn about anything.

  2. I didn’t realize hunting for pleasure was sporting OR ethical to begin with.

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