6 thoughts on “Didn’t take long part #2”

  1. Youíre a retard. The minutemen are doing an excellent job. Like we need another wetback making their way into the country only to drain LAís system even more, closing down hospitals and committing crimes. Heck, why donít we just open up the entire border and let them all in. Who needs separate countries anyway?

  2. Wow, so someone who is against the minutemen posts as someone who is for them, but makes the post as inflammatory as possible in order to discredit intelligent people who feel the borders should be more tightly protected.

    Too bad it was a completely transparent ruse.

  3. Oh shit! I think I’m going to be sick not just because of the Minutemen but also Sally from the Valley’s post. I don’t even take jokes like that lightly.

  4. Umm, I wasn’t really joking. When LA is strangled by illegals, perhaps you’ll understand. This isn’t Mexico, it’s America. If you want it to be Mexico, then get the F out and go there. Good riddance. Too bad GW is taking it up the behind from Placentae Fox, or else things would be different. I think Mexico should give us 1 barrel of oil each month for every wetback in the US. That’s 20 million barrels, that ought to bring the price of gas down.

  5. There are much less than 20 million undocumented immigrants in the US. Get your facts straight. Oh yes, and don’t tell me to leave.

  6. No, Cindy….. Sally is probably right with the 20 miliion figure, because she no doubt considers the generations of citizens descended from latino immigrant parents as Mexicans, and not Americans. I’m not sure whether to laugh or to cry. The “taking it up the behind” and “placenta” comments are quite strange! I blame her parents for not raising her right.

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