One thought on “Also tomorrow…”

  1. “No comment on the potential ties between the masturbation and free comic book days….however, our analysts did notice an obviously unrelated “up-tick” in sales of boxes of Kleenex during that 24 hour period… :)

    BTW I bought 6 tickets for the 12:01 AM showing of Revenge of The Sith on May 18 at the DLP- projecting Mann’s Glendale 4. (As of 11:30 AM) They still have seats left via (but most everything on the 18th is sold out) there and at a couple of other theatres in the county, if you are trying to catch the first show before the monster opening weekend. Still want midnight, the 18th, tickets for Arclight or Chinese Theatre…(going to have to go to the “dark side” to get those seats…bwahhahahah)

    Funny, this dude in my party actually saw the opening show of Star Wars at the Chinese Theatre in 1977 (said it was the only time he had ever seen audience members stand at the end of a movie and shake hands with the people around them (?)

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