abLA Roundup for May 2 – May 6


ï Are galleries ready for RFID tags? I think not.

ï The Quiet Life has a Camera Club.

ï It’s already passed but CalArts presented a panel discussion called West Coast as Theme. Indeed.

ï New York Magazine stunningly reveals that NY dealer Matthew Marks has no idea that the “elegant” Leonard Nimoy is a huge art patron and even confuses him with Dr. Spock (who’s dead). MAN then attempts to provide more clarity via an interview with the Nimoys.

ï 18th Street Art Center announces call for residencies.

ï Pirate Cat interviews Coagula Journal’s Mat Gleason.

ï MP3 interview on NPR with Las Vegas artist Tim Bavington.

ï A listing of art receptions for Saturday May 7th including my Kozyndan show at sixspace, Wayne White at Western Project, and Buff Monster at Transport Gallery. And two more openings including one at Machine Project posted by 5000.

Image: Wayne White @ Western Project.