LAPD = Art Critics?

Valerie made this post is on our sister site but I thought I was worth cross posting here as well. I don’t know what happened either, but it would be a serious problem if Law Enforcement was now deciding what is or isn’t art.

home_beast.jpgI didn’t make it to the event, but apparently Transport Gallery’s Mark of the Beast event a couple of weeks ago had some unexpected guests crash the party. According to their web site:

‘At 10:40 pm, April 23rd, the LAPD chose to shut down this event due to the ‘agressive and offensive’ nature of the show’s content. Transport Gallery is seeking your help in exposing this obvious breach of First Amendment rights. If you attended the Mark of the Beast, and have any information or comments regarding the police’s actions please contact us by email at info (at) Witness statements will be helpful in this situation. Thank you, TG.’”

2 thoughts on “LAPD = Art Critics?”

  1. OMFG. I was at that show and that’s some serious bullshit (if it’s true). I can see that it might’ve been shut down for crowd control issues as it was packed to the rafters, but if what they’re quoting is serious that’s outrageous.

  2. I was there and it was full of law abiding types. I did not even see anyone smoking weed, a Red Stripe or two but that was it. The crazy thing is how many squad cars showed up, I saw three to four cars, all that to break up an art show?


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