What the Crap?! Some stole my license plate!!

Anyone ever had their license plate stolen before? Mine just got swiped. I checked on the DMV site and I need to go there with a police report, so I called the Police (non emergency) line and was told I had to call the area station directly to have an office come out to file a report. I’ve been calling the number she gave me for a half over an hour now and it’s been busy constantly. Anyone have any suggestions of how to get ahold of an officer for something like this? I’d really like to not have to explain this again and again when I get pulled over a hundred times between now and when I can get to the DMV tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: an hour and a half later I called the 877 non-emergency number AGAIN and spoke with an officer who said I could just go down to the station but I probably didn’t want to do that, and she tried a few backdoors and got me through to the station. Well, she got me past the busy signal anyway, the line kept ringing for close to 10 minutes before someone answered and said “you have to come down to the station.” Nothing like a well oiled machine.

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  1. Do you have AAA? If not, you should. If you do, give them a call and see if they can help. I find they can do a lot of this kind of stuff.

  2. Sounds like you have your own solution there, Sean — drive around your neighborhood until you get pulled over. Problem solved! :)

  3. You can just go directly into the station nearest you. It really doesn’t take long (depending on the amount of people waiting) usually the officer at the desk will take your information and type it up right there and then give you a copy so you can give it to the DMV. We had to do this for my bf when someone attempted (but failed) to break into his car for insurance purposes. And they won’t laugh at you like in the Big Lebowski, they know you need the report.

  4. This happened to me a couple years ago. It sucks but relatively painless once I got over the shame of reporting a stolen license plate (seriously, I felt violated). Anyway, forget the calling the non-emergency line. Just go to your local station and file the report there. It shouldn’t take too long.

  5. Sean,

    As I recall, you live in the City of Los Angeles. To contact your local Police Station, try (877) ASK-LAPD, or visit a site I created here.

    Best wishes


  6. Did they steal both plates? Try putting the front one on the back for now and going to the station. I’ve had trouble getting through to the Northeast Div. on their non-emergency line before when I wanted to file a noise complaint.

  7. I’m confused. Why will they pull you over if you don’t have a plate? People who buy cars don’t get plates — they get those little “note from your mom” things with the name of the dealership on it. Many people, including the guy across the street from me, promptly remove the dealership ad and drive around with no plates for weeks.

    As an East Coast transplant, it amazes me that California lets people do this. But it clearly does. (In NY, when you buy a car, the dealer hands you plates.)

  8. One thing to do is think of a really awful, cheesy personalized tag; no self-respecting thief would want that kind of attention, I would think…

    Of course, then you have to drive around with the awful, cheesy personalized tag; maybe just settle on something that is unique, but not too obnoxious. Of course, maybe your tag already was personalized and it didn’t make any difference…

    Ok, how about tag locks, arc welding, bear traps, a sensor on the tag which detects movement when the car is stationary and then activates the car alarm? Better still, you could fabricate documents saying Mark Hamill used to own your car and then get a graumann jedi to guard it all day as though it were a shrine (perfect).

  9. I had my plate stolen too, I was really pissed cause it was a personlized plate. and DMV told me, if I kept the other plate and got a replacement, that I would risk the chance of being pulled over for stolen plates. ugh. so i had to give up my personalized, and get something different. I wasnt happy at all, I hope they caught the loser that stole it.

  10. This happened to me about 6 moths ago. The funny thing was that they replaced the plate they stole (rear) with another license plate. Luckily I had to open my trunk otherwise I probably wouldn’t have noticed for a while.

    The whole going down to the station thing was relatively painless for me. The biggest pain was the fact that the DMV had changed some laws and didn’t want to sell me a new license plate because of my out of state drivers license. Even though they already had me in their system!

  11. When I got my plates stolen I called the DMV and they said to just walk in to the nearest DMV to get new ones. Go down to the DMV with your id/registration and report your lic stolen and they will pop out a new one for you on the spot. Not sure what the policy can do with that information since they cannot make changes to your DMV reocrds regarding your license plates. It took me like 1 hour total to get my plates too!

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