Will Someone Please Offer Tony Pierce Tons Of Cash?

Tony Pierce is one of the most talented blogger/writers I’ve ever not met. Today he was fired. Someone needs to hire him now, this is a rare opportunity to pick up a total rock star. Unless he’s not looking for a new job, in which case I can’t wait to see what he does on his own, as I’m sure it will completely unstoppable.

4 thoughts on “Will Someone Please Offer Tony Pierce Tons Of Cash?”

  1. Agreed. E!’s loss should be someone else’s gain. I already e-mailed him to see if I could help.

  2. I’m thinking there’s someone with the intials T.P. who could so benefit from a trip to the shooting range.

  3. Tony deserves a much more exciting job anyway – and with a better pay. It sucks hard now but I’m sure he will find himself happier very soon. And we’re here for him – you know that, Tony?

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