Nerds on Kimmel! Tonight!!

For weeks we’ve been asking what the pipe the people at The Jimmy Kimmel Show are smoking since they haven’t mentioned the Star Wars Line. In case you aren’t “in the know” Kimmel films directly across the street from Nerd-HQ and it’s downright obnoxious that he hasn’t included them on his program yet. Well, that question will be asked no longer as Kimmel’s camera posse just left the line. Our top secret line mole says “The Star Wars Line Dating Game” will be included on tonight’s episode. All I’ve got to say about this is that it’s about damn time. Way to go nerds!

[full star wars line coverage]

7 thoughts on “Nerds on Kimmel! Tonight!!”

  1. Attention whores! Media whores! Your 15 minutes was over two movies ago.

  2. Media whores? Maybe they wouldn’t get their 15 mintues if places like this didn’t post something about them every 12 hours.

  3. Man Jaymes, there was full days this weekend when we didn’t post anything about the Star Wars Line and we never heard from you. I had to post this just to make sure you were still reading!

  4. Hey… I’m the dude who clued the world in that the Arclight was showing Star Wars, not Manns Chinese… remember me?


    Well, anyway, the Arclight website, which is regularly fubar, is right now not listing ANY showtimes for Episode III.

    No verification on this… but is there hope that some last minute negotiations have meant ANOTHER change of venue?

    (probably not – but I love false drama)

  5. I have tickets to an Arclight showing of Episode III, so it WILL be there.

  6. Sean- I can’t bitch every day about the coverage of the Star Wars line. That would make me almost as lame as them.

  7. And for a moment, you would have thought Kimmel would have stayed above letting this idiots on TV… sigh.

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