Star Wars Line in Lego!

album_pic.jpegJust when I was about to write off the Star Wars Line as so April along comes this to spark my atention again. It seems that the nerds have been imortalized at Legoland California. This photo (right) and the ones on that link were taken of the model of the Chineese Theater at Legoland and you can clearly see the urban camping enthusiasts lined up outside. The “opening night” and Star Wars posters kind of point at our friends on Hollywood Blvd as the inspiration. Unfortunately I didn’t see any lego pizza’s so I guess it’s not too realistic.

UPDATE: 10 things Legoland can do to make the Legoline more nerd-tastic.

  1. Add Lego pizza delivery guy dropping off Lego pizzas.
  2. Lego Eliott trying to get Lego JSto to touch his Lego lightsaber. (wil)
  3. Add self-righteous Lego Alpha Nerd explaining how lucky you are that they’re answering the Lego payphone.(wil)
  4. Add homeless Lego man wantering into the camp, howling about how Darth Vader is controlling him with a brain implant, and then urinating on an unattended laptop. (defamer)
  5. Hide the Legoline under a giant Lego Netfilx box.
  6. Relocate poster indicating Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is playing to a different theater down the street.
  7. Add a Lego internet complete with bloggers pointing, laughing.
  8. Add Lego LAPD complete with officers pointing, laughing.
  9. Add Lego Frodo.
  10. Add Lego George Lucas soaking up free publicty, counting cash, pointing, laughing.

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13 thoughts on “Star Wars Line in Lego!”

  1. That is really cool! I must get to Legoland someday.

    Now if they can somehow capture:
    Eliott trying to get JSto to touch his lightsaber.
    The self-righteous Alpha Nerd explaining how lucky you are that they’re answering the phone.

  2. In future posts about this event, please refer to it by it’s official and proper name:

    The 2005 Netflix Charity Movie Line Fundraiser benefitting the Starlight/Starbright Foundation in association with Hollywood Souveniers, Ebay and SomethingAwful.

    Thank you.

  3. you forgot 11. Add a Lego ‘Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’ to make fun of everyone.

  4. They need to add a Lego Ninja stealing the nerds’ sweet stash of cookies while another canvasses the area with amazing ArcLight stickers.

    And whereís the frat boy egging?

    Or the dartboard with WWís face on it?

    Or the Book of Mormon?

    Come to think of it, this Lego display is totally unrealistic.

  5. “you forgot 11. Add a Lego ‘Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’ to make fun of everyone.”

    That’s New York.

  6. Where is the 30-something, er, “20-something” actress trying to get buzz off of blogs and geeks?

  7. So how come this blog doesn’t have a sponsored by “lining up” disclaimer on it yet? Seriously, haven’t you gotten enough mileage out of the lame “mock the nerds” angle yet? How very original. Yawn.

    Find some other fish in a barrel to shoot at Sean, this is getting tiresome.


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