911, Help Me With My Burger!

No wonder the rest of the world laughs at us.

A resident of San Clemente recently went through the drive-in window at a Burger King in Laguna Niguel and actually dialed 911(!) because she was having major troubles getting her Western Bacon BBQ burger order filled correctly!

The 911 recording has apparently found its way to the Internets and was played during this morning’s edition of The Howard Stern Show.

Best quote: “Ma’am, we’re not going to go down there and enforce your Western Bacon Cheeseburger.”

Audio here (3:21.18, 1.5MB).

6 thoughts on “911, Help Me With My Burger!”

  1. I wish I could tell you that the Burger King recording was some strange exception to what our Dispatchers face on a daily – make that hourly – basis, but sadly it is not.

    With often less than a dozen call takers on-duty at any given time at our 9-1-1 Dispatch Center (to protect a City of nearly 4 million known residents), every improper call to 9-1-1 can directly endanger someone’s life.


  2. This is about two years old and was recently in the WSJ’s Best of the Web roundup. Oldie but a goodie, I guess. Usually it’s LAist that finds something ancient and reblogs it as new and dazzling–I always figure you guys are a little more timely. You broke the Star Wars line, remember?

  3. They might’ve needed 911 this morning for the baristas and cashiers at Starbucks, not me.

    I walked into a location that I frequent enough for most of the employees to know what I order (Great Hills and Jollyville in Austin, Tx). It’s the same thing every time: grande, no water chai and a pumpkin scone.

    The cashier repeated the order and then rang me up for a pumpkin loaf. It’s 10 cents more, but I decided to blow it off, thinking that he’d hit the wrong button. I took my little Starbucks bag and headed to the counter to pick up the Chai. I immediately noticed it was light. I decided to blow this off as well. However, this is the second time in the last few weeks that I’ve gotten a chai with at least 1/4 cup of foam. If they’re going to charge three bucks for the damn things, the least they could do is actually give me a drink. I suppose it’s time to add “no foam” to my already persnickety order.

    I got to work and realized that the dude had, in fact, given me a pumpkin loaf and not a pumpkin scone. This was the proverbial straw. I cursed and practically threw the whole damn order in the trash.

    It’s my own damn fault for not correcting the Chai before leaving and not double-checking the bag. I’ve got to find an indie coffee house near work, but damn if I’m not addicted to those scones and can’t seem to find them anywhere else.

  4. jesus fkn christ. you get a pumpkin loaf instead of a pumpkin scone and that’s the “proverbial straw”? Yes, it sucks that coffee and muffin is like $7 but get over yourself. If you can afford to buy a $7 breakfast, and if you want the fkn scone that bad, take the extra 2 seconds to check your goddamn order and shut up. That kid that works the counter has to deal with a hundred orders in a morning. S/he probably wants to vomit every time s/he sees a pumpkin scone or loaf. And if you don’t want foam, say “NO FOAM.” It’s actually extra work to spoon that stupid foam. By the way, the bit about 911 and burger king was MAKING FUN OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

  5. Ah, clearly a disgruntled Starbucks employee.

    Perhaps I overemphasized, mostly for dramatic effect. If you’d read my whole post, Hera, you’d have seen that I did blame myself for not checking the bag and not only didn’t do something as remotely stupid as calling 911, but didn’t raise a stink when I realized something was wrong.

    Before you criticize, note that with your comment, you’re venting frustrations from one side of the counter as I vent mine from the other.

    In the end an inconsequential exchange either way, really.

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