Newport Seafood…but not in OC

the yum!

Not familiar with Vietnamese food, I have always said to myself, “c’mon man, they gotta eat more than just pho and sandwiches”. And it just so happen that my supervisor at my new job recommended the Newport Seafood (Tan Cang) Restaurant in San Gabriel. What the hell, I like food and kissing my boss’s ass so why the hell not.

Lobster…oooh, lobster. If you’re going to serve lobster, that might as well be your anchor dish and pretty much every party in the packed restaurant had the Newport Special Lobster on their table. It looked pretty damn good with the chopped green onions, various colored chili’s and onions stir fried into the bright red crustacean. Fifteen minutes into eating the tender chewy meat, and I’m going, its alright. Just alright. But than I did what my people do best and that meant sucking the flavor straight from the shell – yikes, and thats why its the anchor dish. The blend of spices creates a nice harmony (yea, this is an asian food reveiw so I’m required to use that word) without any single condiment capsizing over the other. Our second dish was clams with spicy hot sauce. Not that spicy actually but it has a quick kick that was offset by the fresh basil cooked into the seasoning. Not only did it make the food look pretty, but I think its the ingredient that sets this dish apart from the normal black bean sauce that is usually associated with clams…in my world. To round out our dinner for 4, we also ordered the Beef Loc Lac (French style) – yummy bite sized filet mignon that was buttery and peppery, and snow pea leaves – if the chef isn’t trying to be too cute, they can’t really fuck this dish up and they didn’t. But I’ve had better elsewhere. For the four of us with the four dishes, the cost was about 91.00 not including tip.

So yea, I can go back to work and report to my supervisor with a great reveiw. And being sincere in your conversation always makes for a effective brown noser.

Newport Seafood Tan Cang Restaurant
835 W. Las Tunas Dr.
San Gabriel, CA. 91776
tel: 626 289-5998

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  1. Would you say the lobster was better than at Harbour Seafood (across from Regent Cafe)? I’ve been craving lobster for 18732794276 days.

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