I hate you and I hate your dumb Rock Video


When Caryn and I got home last night we heard a band playing outside somewhere. Actually at first we thought it was some cats fighting and then when it was followed by applause we realized it wasn’t cats but people making that sound. We ate dinner and watched a movie and kept hearing this sound coming from outside. Now, living on a hill in Silver Lake if some dude down the block has a party the sound travels and we know it, which is what we figured this was. Until we turned off the movie and listened for a minute. Caryn spotted it first – “is that the same song they were playing before?” she asked. Yes. Yes it was. And when it was over, they played it again. And again. That was the one song they had been playing since before 8pm, and it was now past 10. And they were still playing it. That one same song, and then people would cheer. And that’s about when we put the pieces together and figured out that it wasn’t a party, but someone filming some dumb rock video. And it was echoing all through our house. Of course, now that we knew what it was and what was going on there was no way to avoid it. TV on, music on, no matter what we did we could still hear the racket and the following applause. Crap. Finally just before 11 it all came to a sudden stop and we were able to go on with our lives.

This morning I noticed a half a block or so several streets away from us with “no parking, filming” signs up and down the street so that’s where this must have come from. I can only hope they got all the shots they needed yesterday. We were talking about how completely annoying it was on the way in to the gallery this morning when we hit tons of traffic on the 110 just south of the 101. What was the cause of the traffic? Oh, the 4th street exit ramp was blocked off because some bullshit was being filmed on the overpass. Awesome.

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  1. I know it can be annoying to have traffic stopped when you are going somewhere and it’s a damn film crew….and even more exasperating when noise is invading your space…..Buuuuut…..The film industry in LA is one of the strong-holds of our economy. If we didn’t have it we would be in big trouble. So I just give a patient pause and embrace it. And am thankful that someone is working!

  2. But…how about a little notice? I work HARD all week so the last thing I want to do is be annoyed by a loud band. Yeah, yeah, two sides to every issue but dumb rockers are not more important than me!

  3. Maybe they’re Phi Beta Kappa rockers? Boy, you guys are sure cranky about all this free expression stuff. Too bad more crochet artist don’t get the big bucks they so richly deserve. At least they’re quiet and don’t have big trucks. LAist was just whining about film crews–although the poster was a lawyer! Talk about hypocrisy–cuz if there’s a root of all evil–it’s watered by lawyers.

  4. Cities have varying time zones when production can take place. Pasadena was great (if you worked as a production assitant) because you could’t get started until 7:00 am and had to be tail lights out by 11:00 pm.

    Not sure about silverlake although if you play your own music really loud during the shoot, the director and sound engineer get kinda mad. I’m not advocating that, I’m just saying.

  5. Caryn- If they have a film permit they are SUPPOSED to give everyone in the neighborhood notice of filming at least 3 days before the shoot….and there hours….they must have had one if they got parking signs. See, it’s hard, cuz I agree with you that it’s annoying to have your neighborhood invaded….but since I work in the industry… I try to have understanding. (I still get annoyed though!)

  6. I just use the fact to impress my Midwestern in-laws. Ooh, Monster House filming down the street… Ooh, CSI filming in the next office building… Their lives in LA are so exciting!

  7. Wow, film crews are noisy, irritating, and inconsiderate? Welcome to L.A., guys. Also, 10:00pm is about the time when I’d be calling the cops. Partying neighbors, I’ll give some slack to, but film crews can suck it.

  8. This happens everyday in Los Angeles. This is why we go to canada to film now. NIMBY

    Any filming past 10pm requires signatures for permission from the neighbors within 500′. The neigbors could have very well granted that permission, although you can still hear the shit.

    In the future, you can call the EIDC, they issue film permits for the City. 323-957-1000. Complaints recieved do make it difficult for companies to pull permits in the future.

  9. Yeah, filming is one thing, it’s the loud band that drove me nuts. A band rocking out at full blast with a croud of people pretending to love it travels a bit further than 500′ and that’s my complaint. 4 blocks away and there wasn’t a place in my house I could escape the noise. I don’t mind film crews now and then, but if a live band is involved there should be some further considerations.

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